Welcome to the Museum of The King’s Royal Hussars, discover the story of three famous Cavalry regiments from 1 HorsePower to 1200 HorsePower

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HorsePower Quarterly Newsletter – Autumn 2017

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HorsePower Quarterly Newsletter – Autumn 2016


Winchester’s Military Museums Joint Ticket

WWM1After much anticipation, the Winchester’s Military Museums joint ticket is now available to purchase! The ticket allows you one visit to HorsePower, The Museum of The King’s Royal Hussars; The Royal Green Jackets (Rifles) Museum and The Gurkha Museum.

The joint ticket costs £8 and will save you £2 on the cost of admission overall. Tickets can be purchased from The Royal Green Jackets (Rifles) Museum. Also on-site and free of charge are The Royal Hampshire Regiment Museum; The Rifles Collection and The Museum of The Adjutant General Corps. That’s six military museums to visit in the beautiful settings of Peninsula Square.