goldWelcome to the Museum of The King’s Royal Hussars

Visit HorsePower, the Museum of The King’s Royal Hussars, with its stunning displays of life size models, inter-active exhibits, medals, swords, magnificent uniforms and fascinating photographs which show how the Cavalry of horse and sabre developed into the modern armoured regiment of today.

Trace the history of three famous regiments over a period of 300 years and marvel at the great heroes who won the Victoria Cross for their valour. The dramatic exploits of men who fought in the Peninsula War, the Charge of the Light Brigade, the two World Wars are revealed and much more besides.

You will find all of this in Hampshire’s only museum of Cavalry, located within the grand setting of Peninsula Square, Winchester, a site full of military heritage.

The Museum also has a very active Facebook page, to visit click here.

Museum Highlight

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