Talk: Challenges to NATO and UK Security

Speaker: General Sir Adrian Bradshaw KCB, OBE
Date: 20th November 2018
Venue: The Kincaid Gallery, The Royal Green Jackets (Rifles) Museum, SO23 8TS
Time: 6:25pm
Tickets: £10 per head (£7.50 per head for Friends of HorsePower) including a free drink
Booking: Online here ​01962 828541 or

Talk: The 10th and 11th Hussars in the Advance to Victory 1918

Speaker: Steven Broomfield
Date: 22nd November 2018
Venue: The McDonald Gallery, The Gurkha Museum, SO23 8TS
Time: 12:30 followed by lunch at 13:15 with cash bar
Tickets: £7 per head including sandwich lunch
Booking: ​01962 842832 or