‘Roscoe’ – The Bright Shiner


The Biography of Brigadier of ‘Roscoe’ Harvey DSO, 10th Royal Hussars. Author:Tim Fitzgeorge-Parker . Published: 1986. 288 pages.

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“Don’t give one yard. Please do not give one yard. Stay where you are and fight.” 

A fascinating biography of the extraordinary Brigadier Charles Barnet ‘Roscoe’ Harvey, renowned as the finest Armoured leader of the Second World War.

‘Roscoe’ Harvey first joined the 10th Hussars in 1920. As the Regiment was nicknamed ‘The Shiny Tenth’ he became a ‘Shiner’ becoming a and was appointed Riding Master due to his exceptional skill on horseback. Surviving mechanisation and the change from horses to Armour he proved to be an astute tank commander, becoming Commanding Officer of the 10th Hussars from June 1941 – June 1942. Promoted to Brigadier he served in the 11th Armoured Division in Northern Europe and proved himself an outstanding officer. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Order three times and was the senior Armoured Brigade commander in the Army by the end of the war.

After the war he became well known in the world of horse riding, becoming Senior Stewards’ Secretary to the Jockey Club. He died on 29 March 1966.

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