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January 1

Left Wing 20th Light Dragoons in Argentina

The 20th Light Dragoons participated in Admiral Popham and General Baird’s expedition to Buenos Aires from 1806 to 1807. Admiral Popham and General Baird, supported..Read More

June 1

The 10th, the Prince of Wales’s Own, Hussars

The 10th, the Prince of Wales’s Own, Hussars

In 1806 the 10th Light Dragoons became the first hussar regiment in the British Army, in imitation of  the famous Hungarian light cavalry.   Subsequently in..Read More

January 1

Peninsular War 1808 – 1814

The Iberian Peninsular War from 1808 to 1814, known in Spain as the Guerra de la Independencia, formed part of the Napoleonic wars, which ended..Read More

August 21

Battle of Vimiera, Portugal

The 20th Light Dragoons sailed from the Cove of Cork to Portugal with Wellington’s expeditionary force. Sergeant Lansheit, leading a 20th Light Dragoons’ patrol, discovered..Read More

December 29

Battle of Benevente, Spain

The 10th Hussars fought the French Imperial Guard during the withdrawal to Corunna, capturing the commander of the French cavalry. Orders had been given for..Read More

May 12

The Second Battle of Oporto, also known as the Battle of the Douro, Portugal

The 14th Light Dragoons charged retreating French Infantry. The French had withdrawn across the River Douro and burnt the bridge. The 14th crossed by ferries..Read More

July 27

Battle of Talavera, Spain

After the success at Oporto on the River Douro, the French were pursued into Spain, where they counter-attacked. After the success at Oporto on the..Read More

January 1

Captain Brotherton’s Trousers

Captain Brotherton of the 14th Light Dragoons had to make a quick escape at night. After a hard day’s patrolling to find the French who..Read More

May 3

Battle of Fuentes d’Honor, Spain

The French advance from Salamanca towards Ciudad Rodrigo pushed Wellington back to Fuentes d’Honor, where he decided to make a stand. Ramsey’s Battery charged the..Read More

August 15

Battle of El Bodon, Spain

The first major battle for the 11th Light Dragoons in the Peninsula was at El Bodon. Lieutenant Wood was captured by the French in a..Read More