Environmental Policy Statement


Name of Museum: 

HorsePower, The King’s Royal Hussars Museum in Winchester 

Name of Governing Body:

The King’s Royal Hussars Museum in Winchester Trust

Date on which this Policy was Approved by Governing Body: 21 Feb 2020


Statement of Purpose 

1. HorsePower Museum is committed to reducing its environmental impact year on year. We seek to continually improve the environmental performance of our activities and we are committed to reducing impacts on the environment from all areas of our operation.

    a. We expect staff, volunteers and partners to work in an environmentally responsible manner.

    b. We endeavour to promote sustainable options for staff and visitor travel, and provide guidance on our website.

    c. We comply with relevant legislation and strive to reduce our energy consumption.

    d. On a day to day basis we minimise the use of resources by:

            1) Keeping printing to minimum.

            2) Using email and phone communications where possible.

            3) Recycling paper and other materials.

            4) Using environmentally friendly materials where possible.

2. The Trustees are committed to improving the physical infrastructure and environmental management of HorsePower Museum within the constraints of a MOD building. 

3. We will continue to assess any activity we plan to undertake in terms of its environmental impact. The objectives set out in this environmental policy statement are compatible with, and underpinned by, HorsePower Museum’s Forward Plan 2019-2023, our Care and Conservation Policy, and Care and Conservation Plan.