Museum Modernisation & Development Fundraising Appeal

Second Lieutenant Zoe Thompson of the KRH at the Royal Chelsea Hospital Parade, June 2020 (Image by Corporal Rob Kane, courtesy of UK MOD)
Second Lieutenant Zoe Thompson of the KRH at the Royal Chelsea Hospital Parade, June 2020 (Image by Corporal Rob Kane, courtesy of UK MOD)

Horsepower, The Museum of The King’s Royal Hussars opened in the Peninsula Barracks in 2005, although the site has been home to a regimental museum since the 1980s. We are one of six museums making up the Winchester Military Museums group, housing the regimental collections of the 10th & 11th Hussars, The Royal Hussars, and the King’s Royal Hussars.

Since the last development effort 20 years ago, we have acquired the 14th/20th King’s Hussars collection. In our current state we do not have the facilities to display the amazing objects within this collection, and so we are launching this appeal to raise the funds necessary for the museum’s redevelopment.

We also wish to completely modernise the museum. This would be done by incorporating the latest technology, such as improved lighting and interactive tablets, to highlight the interesting stories in our collection, as well as provide a more hands-on and visitor focused experience.


Behind the scenes work has already begun! Two additional staff members, James Fenton and Angel Drinkwater, have been recruited for the next two years to aid in the development and appeal process. Thanks to a generous sum donated by the Late Bobby Spencer of the 11th Hussars initial work within the museum itself is also underway. Design planning is currently ongoing, with the initial phase of refurbishments set to begin in November 2024. 

The museum will be closed for five months between November and March 2025, allowing for preliminary design changes. For the complete update and modernisation programme to be completed, however, it is necessary for us to appeal for further funding. This is where we must look to the generosity of our regimental family, visitors, charities, beneficiaries, and the local community. 

The Relief of the Light Brigade by Richard Caton Woodville, 1897. Featuring the 11th (Prince Albert's Own) Hussars at Balaclava, 25th October 1854. (Image Courtesy of the National Army Museum, NAM. 1989-01-1-1)
Photograph of 14th Hussars in India (Early 1900s) (From 14th/20th Hussars Collection, Horsepower Archives)

The Appeal

For the museum to complete the modernisation goal, as well as amalgamating the 14th/20th King’s Hussars collection into the exhibition space, we need to raise £400,000, and we aim to achieve this by March 2026. 

We are currently supported by the extended regimental family, individual grants, selected Trusts and Foundations, and possibly the Heritage Lottery Fund. Throughout the next two years we aim to organise many fundraising events to contribute towards our goal. Ultimately though, this cannot be completed without your support. 

We understand that this is a difficult time financially for many, which makes us even more appreciative of any donation granted to us. No matter the size, each donation gifted will be used to further develop the museum, creating a diverse and fully inclusive King’s Royal Hussars regimental museum.

Donate to the Museum Appeal

Click the button below to donate. If you are an UK tax payer please consider gift aiding your donation. This adds an additional 25% to the amount donated at no extra cost to you!

Continuous updates shall be given through our newsletter and social media platforms as to the donations we receive. All major donors will have their names included on a display within our completed Museum space. We value every donation and gift to us, your support in our continued development is greatly appreciated. 

If you wish to make a larger donation, provide a bequest, plan a fundraising event, or have any further questions regarding our development, please use the form on the right to get in contact with us. Do ensure you provide a name, email, and contact number so we can easily get in touch with you.

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