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A history of the 10th, 11th and Royal Hussars 1945-1992. Author: Henry Keown-Boyd. Published: 1994

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Henry Keown-Boyd, who served with the 11th Hussars, presents a history of the key role played by three regiments in the Cold War, Korea, and the Gulf War. The 10th and 11th Hussars were both formed as Light Dragoons in 1715, and The Royal Hussars were formed by their amalgamation in 1969. During the post-World War 2 period they were at various times, and with varying equipment, on active service in Malaya, Aden, Kuwait, Cyprus and Northern Ireland, while regimental contingents or individual officers and men took part in such widely separated campaigns as Korea in the 1950s and the Gulf in the 1990s. But their primary role, unsung and largely unrecognized, was that of keeping the peace of the Cold War in Europe – a peace which was maintained for nearly half a century and a “war” which was won.

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