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If you have submitted a research enquiry to HorsePower Museum you can use this option to pay for the research fee via the shop.

If you would like to submit an enquiry please email us at: or via our contact form. 

HorsePower – The Museum of the King’s Royal Hussars holds the archives of the 10th Royal Hussars (PWO), the 11th Hussars (PAO), the 14th King’s Hussars, the 20th Hussars, The Royal Hussars (PWO) and the 14th/20th King’s Hussars. We are  happy to help with any enquires relating to these Regiments, from family history to academic research. For more information about what we hold and how we can help please visit our Archives page at: Research & Archives.

Important Note: For your enquiry to be completed you must have contacted us via email/contact form and received a response acknowledging your request.