The First Gulf War lasted 100 hours.

The BG moved over its Start Line at 0630 hrs to lead a Brigade attack on Objective BRASS with A Squadron left and D Squadron right. During this attack, the Battery Commander’s Warrior was fired on by a T55 which missed. Corporal Redgrave, the CO’s gunner, made short work of the T55.

B and D Squadrons were battlegrouped with the 3rd Royal Regiment of Fusiliers (3RRF) for their next attack. D Squadron led 3RRF in their assault on Objective STEEL, a series of artillery positions. A Squadron joined the Life Guards Squadron, battlegrouped with the Royal Scots. The BG moved east of the Wadi al Batin on the Kuwaiti border. At 0630 hrs on 28th February, with A, B and D Squadrons and The Queen’s Company, the BG moved off at some speed with B and D Squadrons leading, with orders to advance north of Kuwait City and cut off any Iraqi forces withdrawing towards Basra. At 0825 hrs, the advance was halted. A ceasefire had been called and the short 100 hour war was over.