The 14th Light Dragoons earn the nickname of ‘The Fighting Fourteenth’ during the fighting to defeat the rebels.

The 14th Light Dragoons’ last battle of any consequence was in December 1858 at Ranode, where Feroze Shah, the rebel commander, was advancing along the River Scinde. Brigadier General Napier led a force of some 350 men, including Captain Prettejohn’s squadron, to counter the advance. He achieved complete surprise; Captain Prettejohn’s squadron charged, routing the enemy and pursuing them for eight miles (13 kms).

From January to April 1859 the 14th were detached in flying columns pursuing rebels throughout Central India. Throughout the Indian Mutiny, the 14th were repeatedly congratulated for their fighting ability. Many of the officers and soldiers received medals for bravery, and promotions in recognition of their achievements. They earned their nickname of ‘The Fighting Fourteenth’.