The 10th Hussars and 14th Light Dragoons fought in the Battle of Vittoria which ended French rule in Spain. The French fled, abandoning their baggage train.

In May 1813 Wellington resumed his march on Salamanca, with the 14th in the advance-guard. By mid-June they had taken Burgos and crossed the River Ebro, 30 miles south of Vittoria.

On 21st June 1813 Wellington faced the French King Joseph, Napoleon Bonaparte’s brother, at the Battle of Vittoria. The French held the high ground to the north, in a defensive position. Wellington attacked with four columns, with the 14th in the right column.

The 14th were much involved in the day’s battle. Although in the thick of the fighting, they were never able to form a line or get out of a trot, as the ground was too rough for cavalry. In the afternoon they were detached to outflank the enemy’s left, and by evening they were pursuing the remainder of the French Army towards the Pyrenees. The French were eventually forced to flee leaving behind their baggage train.

The battle honour of Vittoria was awarded to the 10th Hussars and 14th Light Dragoons for their part in the battle which broke the French rule in Spain.