In 1814 Napoleon abdicated and was sent into exile. The following year he escaped, assembled an army and was finally beaten at the Battle of Waterloo.

In 1815, it was Captain Grey’s patrol of the 10th Hussars that brought news of the Prussian retreat at Wavre, thus influencing the Duke of Wellington to fight at Waterloo.  The 10th Hussars took part in the last charge against the French Imperial Guard. The 11th Light Dragoons kept in constant contact with the Prussian reinforcements and captured the last French guns in action. After the battle on 18th June, the 11th escorted Wellington to Paris and remained in France with the army of occupation until 1818. Colonel Sir Felton Hervey Bathurst and Major Henry Percy, both of the 14th Light Dragoons, were on Wellington’s staff during the battle. Percy was the least wounded of the aides and was sent with two captured French Eagles (the standards of the French regiments) to give the news of the victory to the Prince Regent.