A fully equipped cavalry horse carried between 100-124 kilos including the rider.

Despite the lessons learned about the weight carried by the horses in the Boer War, they still had a considerable burden. On the off-side (the right hand side) was a carbine, a short .303 Lee Enfield rifle in a leather bucket. On the near-side (left), was a cavalry sabre. Grooming kit was carried in two wallets on the front of the saddle with a rolled blanket on top. A greatcoat was rolled up behind the saddle. Hanging on either side were a nosebag with 5lbs (2Kg) of grain, a cornsack with 9lbs (3.5Kg) of corn, two spare horse-shoes, a canvas water bucket, ropes and picketing gear to tie the horse to a peg in the ground overnight. A bandolier (a leather belt with cartridge pouches) with 90 rounds was carried round the horse’s neck. The rider carried another 90-round bandolier, haversack, water-bottle, knife, bayonet and mess tin. Overall, the horse carried 100 to 125Kg including the rider.