Three hundred men of the Right Wing of the 20th Light Dragoons were sent for dismounted service in the Mediterranean from 1805 to 1807. A brave Private of the 20th Hussars saved his squadron.

The Right Wing arrived in Gibraltar in May 1805 and continued to Malta to buy horses. Cavalry were at that time composed of a Right Wing and a Left Wing, with up to three squadrons in each Wing, each squadron having some 100 men and horses.

In October the 20th detachment moved to Naples and thence to Sicily where they were part of a successful attack to prevent the southward move of French forces. A British expedition was mounted from Sicily to Egypt, which began successfully with the taking of Alexandria after a landing in Aboukir Bay. A further move eastward to Rosetta was stopped at the village of El Hamid. Five hundred men were left at the village to hold it. A force of 6,000 Turks attacked the village and the holding force was reduced to two companies (some 200 men). The squadron of the 20th charged the Turkish cavalry and found themselves cut off. A galloper, Private Trimble of the 20th, was sent back to El Hamid to fetch help. He fought his way through the enveloping Turks and brought back the two companies, which allowed the squadron and companies to disengage. El Hamid and Rosetta proved to be untenable and the force withdrew to Alexandria.