The 11th Hussars were amongst the first troops into Tobruk, Benghazi and Tripoli.

The 11th Hussars led the pursuit of the Axis forces by 7th Armoured Division, and were amongst the first troops to enter Tobruk, Benghazi and Tripoli. On 7th May 1943 they were one of the first units to reach Tunis. After the fall of Tunis there was a respite until they moved to Italy for the landings at Salerno in September 1943. Four months later they returned to Britain with 7th Armoured Division to prepare for the invasion of Europe.

The 10th Hussars were out of the fighting for a few months after El Alamein until they rejoined the 1st Army for the final battles of the Tunisian campaign (17th November 1942 to 13th May 1943), to drive the Axis forces out of Africa, including the successful battles of the Mareth Line, El Hamma, Wadi Akarit and the capture of Sfax. For a year afterwards they were based near Algiers, preparing for the Italian campaign.