The 11th Hussars were posted to the British colony of Malaya from 1953 to 1956 to counter the insurgency.

Much of their time was spent fighting Chinese communist inspired terrorists. They sailed from Liverpool in May 1953 on the Empire Clyde to Singapore,. They were equipped with Daimler Armoured Cars and Saracen Armoured Personnel Carriers, covering nearly 4 million miles in 3 years. They carried out patrols and road checks, provided convoy escorts and dealth with ambushes. They worked in detached squadrons with C Squadron in Kuala Lumpur, B Squadron in Johore Bahru in the south, and A Squadron and Regimental Headquarters in Seremban. The 11th provided armoured escorts to General Sir Gerald Templar, High Commissioner and Commander in Chief. They were also involved in food convoy protection, armoured route patrols and some dismounted jungle operations. Training played an important part in the regimental programme, particularly because of the constant stream of National Service reinforcements. The 11th Hussars sailed home after 3 years on 19th July 1956 on the troopship Empire Fowey.