Preparations included painting the tanks in desert colours and loading them onto ships in the German port of Emden.

The tank crews flew out to Saudi Arabia between 20th and 27th December to join up with their vehicles and equipment.

Ships began arriving at the port of Al Jubayl, Saudi Arabia, their civilian crews anxious to unload and leave the potential war zone before Christmas. The 14th/20th Hussars spent all Christmas Eve driving every conceivable type of military vehicle off the ships to holding areas in Al Jubayl . By 2nd January the regiment began intensive training to get used to operating in desert conditions and live ammunition was loaded onto the tanks. On 17th January, the air war started, greatly disturbing the regiment’s first rest day since it had arrived in theatre.

On 25th January, Robert Fox, Defence Correspondent of The Daily Telegraph arrived to join the 14th/20th team. From 26th to 28th January, 1st Armoured Division moved 200 miles (320 Km) north-west to its concentration area. The tanks moved by tank transporter; the troops were moved by RAF Hercules aircraft which landed them on a desert airstrip in cold and rainy weather without the accustomed shelter of their vehicles.