The 26th Hussars were raised in India in June 1941 from a cadre of personnel from the 14th/20th King’s Hussars.

Lieutenant Colonel J.B. Norton (14th/20th Hussars) was appointed to command the regiment and Capt A.J.C Stanton was appointed Adjutant.  They were assigned to the 2nd Indian Armoured Brigade, and later moved under the command of the 255th Indian Armoured Brigade at Sialkot.  They were not involved in any fighting, and were disbanded at Bolarum, near Secunderabad, in October 1943.  Some of the personnel were transferred to the 3rd Carabiniers, but the majority transferred to General Orde Wingate’s Chindits in Burma, where they unofficially retained their 26th Hussar capbadge.