On Boxing Day morning, C Squadron 14th/20th Hussars deployed to Cyprus.

By Christmas 1963, the continual centuries-old friction between the Turkish and the Greek communities in Cyprus had deteriorated to a threat of an invasion by Turkish troops in support of the Turkish Cypriots. The Turkish Cypriots were being cut off from their food and water supplies, leading to reprisals and bloodshed between the two communities.
C Squadron’s armoured cars were quickly in use, assisting the infantry battalions of the Truce Force to restore law and order. The squadron deployed in Nicosia, the capital city of Cyprus, where there was fighting in the streets and houses were burnt down. The appearance of the armoured cars separated the Greeks and Turks, who fled. By 30th December, the city had been cleared without a shot from the Truce Force.

The squadron’s armoured cars were busy throughout the island, patrolling as pairs of vehicles, which gave a great deal of responsibility to young Junior NCOs. The decision to open fire was narrowly averted on several occasions. The Life Guards were flown in from UK at the end of January to take over from C Squadron, who were recalled to Libya to assist with some potential trouble there.

United Nations (UN) forces were subsequently sent to Cyprus to keep the peace. In 1965 A Squadron 14th/20th Hussars deployed to Cyprus as part of the UN force.