On 11th May 1857, the Indian Mutiny had broken out and the 14th Light Dragoons immediately found themselves dispersed around the Bombay Presidency.

Small garrisons throughout northern India had been surrounded by rebels and mutineers and were in danger of being overrun. A detachment of the 14th Light Dragoons and the 25th Native Infantry was sent to open the road to Agra to keep open communications to Central India.

The force diverted to secure the garrison at Aurungabad, where they saved the British women and children, but found a much stronger force of mutineers occupying the hills. The 14th, with the Native Infantry and a battery of artillery, ordered the rebels to surrender, which they did.

In October, a Field Force including the 14th advanced to Mandsaur to take on the forces of Prince Feroze Shah, which outnumbered the Field Force by ten to one. On 22nd October, the commander of the Field Force, Brigadier Stuart, attacked, opening with a charge by the 14th, who captured all the enemy guns, which were then turned round and used on the rebels. Further charges followed in which the 14th captured three standards. The enemy were forced to retreat into the fort of Dhar, which was subsequently taken on 31st October.

The 14th then marched with the 2nd Brigade of the Central India Field Force, spending the next few months moving at speed, defeating rebel forces. They relieved Saugor to a rapturous reception by its garrison who had been besieged for some eight months.