The Kosovo Force (KFOR) was a NATO led international peacekeeping force in Kosovo.

Kosovo was facing a grave humanitarian crisis, with Serb military forces from the former Yugoslavia in action against the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) in daily engagements. Nearly one million people had fled Kosovo as refugees by that time, and many did not permanently return. The regiment deployed to Macedonia with the British Brigade on Op AGRICOLA in February 1999. They were equipped with Challenger 1 Main Battle Tanks as part of the Lead Armoured Battle Group. They subsequently entered Kosovo on 11th June 1999 to fill the vacuum left by the withdrawing Serb Army. On 19th June they advanced into the north east region of Podujevo, taking the Serbs and Russians completely by surprise, thus allowing NATO (KFOR) to establish itself across Kosovo. Also in 1999, C Squadron deployed on their Challenger 1 Tanks to Bosnia on Operation PALATINE to Mrkonjic Grad with the Household Cavalry Regiment Battle Group.