In 1901, veterans of the South African War founded what became the Regimental Association. 

Regimental Sergeant Major Bradshaw and some other Non Commissioned Officers (NCOs) who had returned from South Africa formed an Old Comrades’ Association in order not to lose touch with each other, agreeing to meet annually for a reunion dinner.  It was first restricted to NCOs but soon grew to include every man who served in the regiment.  The 11th Hussars held an Old Comrades Dinner in London on 31st March 1909 which 130 old comrades attended.  The 10th Hussars held their first Old Comrades Dinner in the same London restaurant two months later.    Eventually all regiments founded  Old Comrades’ Associations which survive to this day. The King’s Royal Hussars Regimental Association is a registered charity which aims to foster mutual friendship between serving and retired members of the regiment and supports those serving on operations, and their families, particularly following injuries and fatalities. 

The Association Medal worn by ex- Sergeant Major Frederick Seymour, one of the founders of the 10th Hussars Old Comrades.