Battle of Marne, France

The 11th and 20th Hussars took part in a counter-attack in pursuit of the German Army. On 6th September, barely a month from their mobilisation,..Read More

The First World War

First contact of the War was made by the 20th Hussars in Belgium on 21st August 1914. On 4th August 1914, Britain declared war on..Read More

Institution of the Regimental Medal

Commanding Officer, Col Browne-Synge-Hutchinson VC, instituted The Regimental Medal . The Commanding Officer, Colonel Browne-Synge-Hutchinson VC (formerly the Major Brown who had won his Victoria..Read More

The poor condition of the horses

During the Boer war, the cavalry learned many lessons about horse-management. A week after the relief of Ladysmith, General Roberts resumed his advance on Bloemfontein..Read More