The 14th Hussars to Persia

A British Military Mission was established with instructions to ‘frustrate enemy penetration in North West Persia’ with the help of Russian Cossack General Bicharakoff. The..Read More

Battle of Cambrai, France

Massed tanks were used for the first time in the Battle of Cambrai. The cavalry including the 10th, 11th and 20th Hussars were mounted and..Read More

Battle of Arras, France

Captain Darling described “the most uncomfortable night of the whole war”. In the build-up to the Battle of Arras which began on 9th April 1917,..Read More

Battle of Loos

The cavalry dismounted for trench warfare. General French was short of men and munitions and wished to avoid another offensive until the spring of 1916…Read More

Cavalry equipment

A fully equipped cavalry horse carried between 100-124 kilos including the rider. Despite the lessons learned about the weight carried by the horses in the..Read More