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The Sphinx – Abercromby and the 11th Light Dragoons

The Daimler Dingo

10th Royal Hussars – December 1944

WW1 Cap of Colonel V J Greenwood MC 10th Royal Hussars (PWO)

The Regimental Band of The 10th Royal Hussars (PWO)

The 11th Hussars 1934 – 1939

The Prince of Wales and Lt Col Valentine Baker

The Girls We Left Behind Us

Benevente 29 December 1808

Ford o’ Kabul River

The 11th Hussars Mechanisation

The 10th Royal Hussars Mechanisation

Delhi Durbar 1911

Alamein 1942

The Great War

The 11th Light Dragoons in the Peninsula War

The Crown Prince

Lieutenant R F Drake, 10th Royal Hussars (PWO)

Exercising The Horses

An inspection at blackheath in May 1789 masters of their business

The 10th Royal Hussars in France, 1940

The 11th Hussars and the Arab Rebellion, 1936

The 11th Hussars in the Charge of the Light Brigade

The Road to Corunna – November 1808

A Wartime Christmas: December 1944

The wreck of SS Ismore, December 1899

The Guidon

Formation of The Regiment

Cavalry Manoeuvres, July 1898

The 23rd Hussars

The Battles of El Teb and Tamai

Horse’s Hoof Souvenir – The Charge of The Light Brigade

Proclamation of The Empress of India and the Proclamation Trumpet


Long overdue celebrations – The Dunkirk champagne

Friends and Pets – Animals of the 11th Hussars up to 1914

Henry William Engleheart V.C.

Joey the Warhorse

VE Day

The 10th Royal Hussars in the Battle for France, 1940

Medicina, April 16th 1945

Sergeant John Breese, 11th Hussars

The Funeral of Prince Albert Victor

Regimental Brooches